Sport Disc

The Sport Disc is smooth blend of sleek lines, responsive components and urban athleticism.

Made for those who enjoy an active life and are looking for a versatile bike to rip fast through city traffic whilst commuting and enjoy exercising rather than racing, plus touring with racks and bags.

Ducati Sport Disc YMZ13T
Matt Titanium or Ducati Red
Sport Man 28″ Disc Alu, Ht 1-1/8″
Alu Disc
Shimano Acera 8S M360 SGS
Shimano M190 Top-Swing Dual-Pull Shimano M171 42X34X24T
Shimano M355 Hydraulic
Shimano RT30 160mm CL
Tec Sport Edition Alu Disc Tec 700Cx32C 22TPI
Royal Siam 1200Urn Unisex Velo Vlg-043-03A Eva Black

46cm | 50cm | 54cm
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