All of Ducati’s Electric Bikes feature a street-legal 250W motor, paired with a wholly capable battery of up to 500W. Models are aimed at both commuters and off-road riders, with Bosch’s Performance Line CX on the top

Bosch’s Performance Package enjoys an autonomy of up to 150 Km on a single charge, whilst the Bosch Active Line can stretch up to 190 Km: that’s further than completing the London to Brighton cycle ride and back again

Lithium-ion batteries can be charged on the bike, or unlocked and removed with a key. Their packs include the highest energy density on the market (190 Wh/Kg), with the lowest weight and volume, at 2.6 Kg or less

The Intuvia onboard computer manages your performance, with a selection of modes: Turbo, Sport, Tour, Eco, and Off. Enjoy a boost when you wish, or leave it switched off altogether

Adjust power settings as you ride, in accordance with your environment. You can even charge your phone or mp3 player over USB, if you need to. Smart thinking