Ducati TT

A full suspension trail e-bike designed to guarantee the assistance of the Bosch Performance Line CX motor unit on steep climbs, with 140mm of travel and a control-oriented geometry whenever the trail starts to descend.

The 4-bar Horst link suspension design creates a solid platform while 27.5″ wheels boost stability and grip. Ducati’s Racing Red color is the same colour used by Superbike and MotoGP models, a vivid red that gives a strong character to this muscular mountain bike.

Ducati TT, YMZ1R0
Ducati Racing Red
Horst Link 27.5 140mm Alu Double Butted 27.5″, Bosch CX
Rock Shox Epixon TR LO-R 27.5 15QLC32
Suntour Unair EB LO-R
Shimano SLX 10S
Alloy Crank 170mm Isis Polished Black
Sram DB5 Disc Brake Postmount
Sram Front 200mm and Rear 180mm
Mach1 Karma 27.5″
Tec Saxum 27.5 x 2.55
Tec Fero
Bosch Performance CX 25kph
Bosch Li-Ion D/T 500W
70km (Turbo) => 150km (Eco)

TT Series Sizes:
S 41cm | M 44cm | L 49cm | XL 54cm
Size Guide